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Buku: Sadar Penuh, Hadir Utuh

Dalam “Sadar Penuh, Hadir Utuh”, praktisi mindfulness Adjie Silarus mengajak kita untuk duduk sejenak merangkul diam. Tulisan kontribusi saya dalam buku ini antara lain tentang mengubah kesepian menjadi kedamaian, serta berkawan dengan stres dan rasa sakit. Terbit 24 Maret 2015 (Transmedia).


International Conference: Re-wiring stress via mindfulness

AAICP Rewiring stress via mindfulness

In Western countries, an increasing amount of published work has documented that mindfulness-based clinical interventions reduced the self-reported levels of stress, the stress hormone cortisol levels, and grey-matter density in the right amygdala.

The application of mindfulness in Indonesia may be reflected in the ancient Javanese’s (the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia) endorsement of the eling value, which means continuously being aware of one’s own position in life. Bringing mindfulness back to the context of Indonesian culture could promote greater ability in emotion regulation that is crucial for effective stress management.

This poster was presented on 10 – 11 January, 2014 at the 5th International Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology Conference in Solo, Indonesia.

General Psychology: Video how to relief our stress

Stress is a process that occurs naturally as a response to events which we consider threatening or challenging. However, our brain isn’t always  keen on evaluating how serious a particular stressor is. Best video from General Psychology class (International Relation class 2013) on how to relief our stress.